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Tuscan Chicken

Tuscan chicken is a one pan beauty that boasts a wonderful flavor combination of spinach, shallots, cream, and the rock star sun dried tomatoes. Really the sun dried tomatoes are my favorite part of this creamy sauce. They rehydrate and wake up over time, flavoring the whole sauce while still playing well with the other […]


Spinach Hazelnut Pesto

Pesto is an amazing sauce to have in your recipe box. It pairs well with fish, pork, chicken, game, steak, shrimp, and even vegetables! Pesto is also really versatile. You can substitute some of the main ingredients according to your taste and slightly alter the pesto flavor. A great example of that is this spinach […]


Salmon Florentine

My husband grew up in Alaska and we visit his family every year. There is always a fishing trip on dad’s boat with crazy memories and a limit of salmon. I tell you this because we bring home as much fish as possible and it is my job to get creative for different recipes to […]


Salmon en Papillote

Sounds fancy, huh? Really it is a simple French cooking method and means “in paper”. Tonight is a salmon with spinach version but this method works for any fish and the accompaniments can vary too. The cool part of this cooking method is how the fish steams with and absorbs the flavor of the ingredients […]

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Valentine’s Dinner

I have worn many hats in my lifetime and sometimes I juggle successfully, other times I crash in an epic fail. This is our one life and we need to live it, failures and all. I have the same approach to cooking. I see recipes as inspiration and tackle them with enthusiasm. A compliment makes […]